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Lesson Content

An educational program for 3-5 year olds involving storytelling, singing, dancing and imagining.
Students perform in magical plays about fairies, wizards, mermaids, pirates and dragons to name a few. They make costumes, sing dance and act every term all in the one program!
Students work on group devised performances on themes such as outer space and the circus along with play scripts such as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and The Twits. Students, sing, dance, act and write scripts every term!
The program involves major productions rehearsing across 2 terms such as Hating Alison Ashley or Musicals such as Annie or The Lion King. Acting, singing and dance technique are explored.
The senior classes offers courses in:
  • ♦  Acting for the Camera
  • ♦  Acting techniques such as Method and Stanislavski
  • ♦  Monologues
  • ♦  Scene work
  • All courses from Prep-12 include games, exercises, voice work, movement, presentation skills and improvisations that enhance confidence, creativity, communication skills, empathy, team building and self-expression
School Holiday workshops either take place at schools or community centres that invite a few schools in the area to participate. The courses involve a combination of group devised work, mini musicals and play scripts to be performed for parents at the end of the workshop.